The 5 Best Hospitality Schools

When it comes to deciding to take on a new career, you always have to keep in mind the reputation of the school you choose. Given that the hospitality industry is in the rise, there are quite a few choices out there.

We make the choosing process easier on you, by telling you about the best schools available to polish your skills.

Postimage The 5 Best Hospitality Schools Ecole Hôtelière - The 5 Best Hospitality Schools

Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL), Switzerland

One of the best advantages offered by this school is their partnership with the very top-class hotels in Switzerland. It offers variety for both nationalities and genders, with a great mix of people from all over the world working together.

Their high education standards met by this school are endorsed by AAQ and the NEASC.

School of Hotel Administration (SHA)-Cornell University, USA

For aspirants to careers in the administrative branch of hospitality businesses, this is the go-to school.

It is the single school that provides endorsing by AACSB in its study programs. Throughout the 6 continents, its unique association with over 50 Cornell Hotels provides its students with better and a wider range of employment options.

Postimage The 5 Best Hospitality Schools Glion Institute of Higher Education - The 5 Best Hospitality Schools

Glion Institute of Higher Education, Switzerland

This is the best school out there, for people interested in the hotel management field and wishing to enjoy an internationally diverse community. When it comes to guaranteed jobs after graduation, this school has a perfect record.

Another advantage they offer is their online courses, in addition to a campus in London and another in Switzerland.

Oxford Brookes University (OBU), United Kingdom

For students in the UK or looking to go to the country, there is simply no better option. With their International Hospitality Management programs being ranked as the number one in the world, students from all over the world get a top education.

Additionally, this University offers internship options along with paid work in some of its many courses.

Postimage The 5 Best Hospitality Schools The Rosen College - The 5 Best Hospitality Schools

The Rosen College of Hospitality Management (University of Central Florida), USA

The best choice, if you are looking for a great campus. Established as a resort in Florida, this college is innovative and keeps a keen eye on entrepreneurs.

Moreover, their teaching staff offers 150 different experts to share their experiences and knowledge in hi-tech classrooms with all the students.

You must always keep in mind your needs and aspirations when you choose the school that will shape your hospitality-related skills. Some schools will guarantee a job after completing a course, and others provide resort-style campuses, or even online courses.

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